2012 Conference Registration

Please help us out by registering as soon as possible! Although registration is technically not required to attend the conference, and even though there is no registration fee, it is still really helpful for us in our planning.  Therefore, even if you are not yet sure whether or not you will able to attend the conference, please still call us or email us.  We would rather over plan, than under plan.  Plus, it also helps us get a general idea of interest for future conferences.

Just send an email to office@springsreformed.org with your contact information and the number in your party, or call us at 719-577-4157 and we’ll take your information over the phone.


10 Responses to “2012 Conference Registration”

  1. Amy and Andy Leong Says:

    Looking forward to it!

  2. I contacted you earlier about potentially attending. This is an official “registration” that I will be there (if the Lord wills and the creek don’t rise . . . . )

  3. Nancy Reynolds Says:

    I plan to attend the conference.

  4. Shane Sapp Says:

    Kelly and I look forward to attending.

  5. Dave & Carole Rudy Says:

    Lord willing, we will be there for most of the sessions

  6. Jonathan and Lori Murray Says:

    Jonathan and I are planning to attend the Saturday sessions. We are looking forward to coming. Thank you for hosting these conferences.

  7. This is Dan Cartwright, friend and co-worker of Andy Leong, and I plan to attend!

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